Redler conveyors (TKF)

Ideal for the closed, dust-free transport and dosing of bulk materials. Reliable, easy-to-maintain equipment, designed for a long service life due to the high wear and heat resistance. There is possibility to set up multiple release and entry points.

Simple design

The redler consists of a drive unit, a tensioning station, trough frame units, and the conveyor chain, which moves continuously in the closed trough together with the blades.

Reliable components

The machines are assembled as structural units. Each equipment is supplied with proven and reliable components. In case of replacement, spare parts that can be obtained anywhere in the world provide security for our customers.

Safe operation

Monitoring devices such as speed and blockage sensors are also supplied with the equipment, and optionally, sensors for checking chain breakage and chain tension.

Easy maintenance

The closed frame construction and transfer ensures that no transported material is released into the environment. Inspection doors are available for maintenance; each trough cover can be removed during inspections and revision. Optionally, the bottom of the trough is available with wear-resistant inserts. The guide rails can also be screwed on for quick replacement.


Performance-dependent design

The design of the chains is also influenced by the performance. Depending on the task, it can be delivered in a single-row or double-row design. Horizontal and special broken tracks can also be created.

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