Nonferrous separator

The most common equipment for separating aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals is the eddy current separator. The principle of the device is that any conductive material that is exposed to a changing magnetic field becomes magnetic itself, as well. The interaction of the two fields repels the magnetized elements, thereby modifying their trajectory, while non-magnetisable materials such as glass, wood or plastic remain on the original drop curve, thus separation takes place.

  1. High-speed magnetic drum
  2. Non-metallic material
  3. Non-magnetic material

Thanks to the particularly strong, pulsing magnetic field, excellent separation results can be achieved even for fractions with small particle size and difficult to separate.

Complete solution

The proper material preparation is important. If possible, materials of the same particle size and similar shape have to be fed. The fraction to be cleaned must be fed onto the conveyor belt in the thinnest possible layer. In most cases, they are installed into the processing technologies with a vibrofeeder and a magnetic drum. Upon request, we also supply the supporting structures and transfer chutes for the installation of the machines.

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