Conveyor belts

The conveyor belt is one of the most common material handling devices. Equipment suitable for transporting both bulk materials and break bulk. Reliable and economical operation, and it can be easily adapted to all kinds of material handling processes. It provides a uniform material flow, which can be controlled even by a frequency converter.

Modular design

We manufacture nearly 30 types of conveyor belts with various frame constructions, in a modular design. They are made from our own construction elements, which have been made on the basis of years of development and practical experience. Each type and construction element has its own history.

Versatile use

Thanks to the rich selection of types, we can undertake the movement of a wide variety of materials in countless industries, whether it is agriculture, logistics, light industry, food industry, heavy industry or mining. All conveyor belts are manufactured according to custom needs, requirements and installation situations - in accordance with the customer's request.

Safe operation

Safety is of particular importance to us. The equipment manufactured by us has covers, protection against reaching into the device, material deflectors and an emergency switch. For special applications, conveyor belts can be equipped with a number of optional devices, such as metal detectors, magnets, belt scales, and belt misalignment switches.

Excellent components

Our components, such as drives and bearings, come from manufacturers who guarantee excellent quality. They are available in almost every country in the world and have professional service network. Spare parts can be ordered directly from them or from 3B.

Our product range

We also manufacture conveyor belts for countless applications in the field of waste processing. Browse our product range:

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Panel belts

Chain belt conveyors

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Container filling

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